Friday, February 21, 2014

The ugly ducking

Neglected my blog for soooooooooooooooooooooooo long T____________T

well it's not like I have thousands of readers sigh...
okok will start blogging more from now on since holidays are over!    *cries*

Not gonna blog about CNY cause there's nothing special this year and idk why, is it because I've grow up and there are less to hope for? :(

So here's the bomb

Believe it or not this is me when I was in standard 6   and I wonder why I have the courage to post this

I started wearing spectacles at the age of 5 and that time I looked like Harry Potter cause my spectacles were round and small zzz. Can't seem to find the photos cause I decided to blog this last minute haha will post it on my Instagram when I found one (follow me if you didn't :p @shaooomin)

BUT! why did I become Harry Potter??? short hair girl with specs? before that I was quite cute one T__T
If you don't believe here's the prove

cute or not?? haha acting so buai pai seh here~ spot that small eyes of mine :)  and by the way those 2 behind are my parents and I am in their graduation photo hehehe! Something my little brother should be jealous of TEEHEE! ^^

That ic photo was taken when I was 12 and this was taken when I was 3 

14 years old selfie T____T  
Disaster lol and that time I thought I was pretty hahahaha! (bad picture quality, don't blame the nokia 5300)

16 years old haha. Taken during an event at school and I was the emcee, of course I dressed up like a boy. Sometimes I wonder what actually happened to me that I hate to dress up like a girl when I was young and I cannot seem to have an answer...... oh just let it remains a mystery~

My #ootn lolz~ gotta admit I looked cool :p

17 years old and as you can see my handphone's camera improved, and I even know how to take photos hahahaha the 45 degrees theory! Looking back at these photos really made my day, obviously I'm not the prettiest girl in the school but that's what shape me into who I am today. At least I am something different compared to the others :)

LONG HAIR IN PROGRESS.......................................... decided I should have a change so this is it!
and yes that's my best friend hehe <3

tadaa~~~~~~~~~ immediately after coming back from the saloon I took this photo lol and I think I even posted it on Instagram :P first time feeling like a girl oh well :3

Had my fringe cut hehehehe. All my friends were like OHHHHHH is this even you?

 YES IT WAS A HUGE IMPACT because most of us know each other since primary school and for the entire 17 years my first time having long hair   ^o^

This is how I look when during March 2013 hehe. Unlimited selfies in my phone lol especially after I bought my new phone which lasted till now :p


There are times that I feel contented and happy that I'm special and I've been through such a long way before I look like this (by this I mean girlish, not the tomboy me anymore)

But there are also times that I look down on myself because I don't have the perfect body I'm not rich I'm not pretty and the list goes on. What I hope is that someday I can throw all my insecurities and enjoy my life as much as I can with the one I loves.

And for now, I wanna continue changing myself from an ugly duckling to a swan. Hopefully, someday I will and I can :)

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